Windows 8 installation

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What ever possessed me I ask myself. Normally I am very cautious about installing new operating systems. But I was lured by the £24.99 offer for Windows 8 Pro.

My excuse is that my PC was running slow – mainly because the hard-drive was cluttered. But then operating system could also do with a refresh. So I cleared by hard-drive and downloaded Windows 8.

Having done this I then discovered that I needed to purchase a memory stick to store the downloaded operating system – a trip into town fixed this. Having backed up all my data, there was no reason not to proceed – so I did.


The installation was easy enough. And then I logged on.

My network drives were in accessible. The printer do not work – and what was worse, my mouse (a Logitech trackball) did not function well.

A week later, I have solved many of the problems by:

Creating a new user profile based on my computer on my NAS. Forget about all the complex stuff I found on line. To connect to a NAS you need a username and password. Windows 8 , instead of using the log in name, uses your computer name. The only difficult thing is remembering the IP address of the server and the admin user name and password.

Roving drivers and reinstalling with the latest drivers. I had a few problems with the HP printer driver.

Outstanding issues

Adobe reader –I might look for an alternative.


Its OK but it would be better to install on a more modern PC with a Windows 8 mouse or trackpad.