All the truth that is in me by Julie Berry

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I loved the way the story is told in this book.

The book begins

We came here by ship, you and I.

I was a baby on my mother's knee, and you were a lisping, curly-headed boy playing at your mother's feet all through that weary voyage.

Watching us, our mothers got on so well together that our fathers chose adjacent farm plots a mile from town, on the western fringe of a Roswell Station that was much smaller, then.

I remember my mother telling tales of the trip when I was young. Now she never speaks of it at all.

She said I spent the whole trip wide-eyed, watching you.

The voice is haunting and the mind keeps searching for meaning, for sense. Who are "you and I"? I read, hoping that illumination would come. The chapters are short – often very short, so it is a quick read. And slowly all is revealed. But each time I anticipated what the story was, it was snatched away from me and a new possibility placed in front of me. The end though was satisfying. I really enjoyed the way the story was told. The reader is definitely part of the narrative, the reader has to engage with the story telling. Definitely a book worth reading.