Je Suis Charlie

So this week, after the terrible slaughter, apparently sanctioned by Al Qaeda, the stories in the press are still focused on the events in France.

Charlie Hebdo is back in production, with a record print run and cartoon of Mohammed on the cover.

The depiction of Muhammad is forbidden in Islam apparently – although this could change.

The original prohibition was to prevent idolatry, and to stop the prophet turning into a deified being.

Has this worked? Mohammad is a creature, just like us. The ban on images has had the opposite effect to what was intended. Muhammad is now a semi divine being and no longer human.


And now, prepare to be offended. Pictures of Mohammed, bare faced.

Prepare for the worst – riots in Karachi, bombings in London, extensive media speculation and the BBC will not show these images.

Or maybe not – for what is really offensive about these images?


Muhammad in Medina

"Muhammad 6". Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –


Muhammad and the Angel Gabriel c. 1425



And this is my favourite

depiction of Muhammad receiving his first revelation from the angel Gabriel. From the manuscript Jami' al-tawarikh by Rashid-al-Din Hamadani, 1307, Ilkhanate period.



And now for something more serious.

The mindless bullies of Islam will not like this one for they are the targets, and their pride will be pricked.

But out of respect for the Prophet, the face has been blanked out


The text is

Prophet: I am the prophet, arsehole

Jihadist: Die Infidel








Islamic State or Satanic State?

I am the One that whispers in the ear of the believer. My voice is beguiling, seductive.

I promise much to the one who follows me. Such rewards. Paradise at the highest level. Wealth. Power. Women. Whatever you desire I can give you.

I whisper in the ear, “Come, and I can show you the true meaning of what is written – a meaning that is hidden from the eyes of the ordinary believer. But you are special. You will understand what others cannot. And you are brave enough to act on this”

I whisper in the ear to the one who longs to hear my voice, “Come you are my chosen one, follow me. For today we will take vengeance on those who deny the truth, today the kafir will die, the kafir and his wife and his children. I may call you to become a martyr, for that will please me and your reward will be great, I may call you to give your life to kill the kafir”.

I whisper “You are chosen to show that Islam is not the soft religion that so many want it to be, a cosy religion that absorbs the heresy of democracy and allows different faiths to live together. Come I can show you that this is blasphemy.”

I whisper, “Come you are called, join my Jihad”

I whisper and they listen.

My name is Satan and my black flag is flying.

Editor’s note:

Ordinary Muslims are incredibly upset at what they see is happening. Al Qaeda and the Islamic State are the complete antithesis of what they believe. Satan is at work, now just as he has been throughout the whole of human history, whispering in the ears of anyone who will listen. Islamic state or Satanic State – the choice is yours.